The Katies – “White Light”

Way back in 1999, The Katies released a self-titled album on Elektra / Spongebath Records. They were a staple of the Murfreesboro rock scene at the time and had a reputation for a charged live show. After touring on the album and relocating to LA, the band ultimately dissolved in the early 2000’s. Brothers Jason and Joshua went on to form a band called WhenBreathingStops, Joshua recorded solo material as V to Z and bassist Gary Welch recorded some solo material under the name “SJ and the Props” (hear Volume 9 of the WOTT Music podcast for the excellent track “Tragedy”).

So, here we are in 2018 and the band has reformed and released the track “White Light.” For a band that has been together for over twenty years, you might expect something on the lighter side – swapping acoustics and low-key instrumentation. Fortunately, you’d be wrong. “White Light” hits on many of the favorable aspects you’d expect from the band – big rock guitars, great harmonies between Jason and Gary and explosive drums from Joshua. The song really finds itself about a minute in where the vocals unleash a feverish quality that’s new for the band. It works.

Given that it’s just one song, it’s hard to predict what the remainder of additional material will sound like but it’s a refreshing reminder that a band can work through their difficulties and come out a more-than-favorable offering two decades after their debut.