Little Vista – “Sidewalk”

Last we heard from Tom Gilbert, he was cranking out some big rock, original emo-inspired, tunes in the most excellently named band in Nashville Micro Jordan / Scrawny Pippen.* The works of that band are a far cry from Gilbert’s first mark on Nashville with his band Parachute Musical.

Now, Gilbert is back with the new project Little Vista and a first single entitled “Sidewalk.” It’s tough to judge a band off of one, and only one, song but this is clearly going to be a much gentler touch than anything coming out of the Micro Jordan / Scrawny Pippen outfit. That’s not meant as a complaint as I’m a huge fan of any artist that’s willing to stretch themselves across multiple genres. We’re diverse people with diverse tastes, why just make one kind of music? Gilbert clearly agrees.

Ultimately, “Sidewalk” is a light pop song with with a lot of pleasant flourishes that keeps things interesting. As the Summer and Fall are fading away to winter, it’s got a bit of a melancholy vibe to it but once Spring rolls around again, this will function as a great soundtrack to a blissed out walk around your neighborhood.