Levi J. Miller – Tales in Red Writing

Levi J. Miller puts out a lot of music. Like, R. Stevie Moore levels of output. His Bandcamp page has 35 releases listed at the time of this posting and that’s not counting his other music or other band Spaceride. We touched on his April 2017 release C.R.E.A.M. but have not been diligent in keeping up since then, as the deluge of music really is a lot to track. We fucked up.

What started as more of a slap-n-dash garage rock project has really grown and matured into a much more diverse set of offerings. His latest, the October release Tales in Red Writing, feels Halloween appropriate in its ominous vibe, spooky vocal arrangements and metal influenced guitar work. It’s a far cry from what we heard back in April 2017, which wasn’t all that long ago. It’s also extremely well executed. For an artist not known for making Doom inspired rock music, he certainly is pulling it off swimmingly.

To add an even finer point on it, if you go back one release, the sound is entirely different. It’s far more psychedelic and and sprawling but no less well executed.

The point here is, Levi J. Miller is publicly stretching himself into different genres and styles without falling on his face in the slightest. An artist that churns out 6-7 songs per month is likely to be judged for quantity over quality but that’s simply not the case here. We all should do ourselves a favor and subscribe to his releases, as there’s sure to be something new and interesting right around the corner.