Seth Timbs – Bellyful Of Christmas

If you’re really pushing it, Christmas Music has an acceptable shelf life of Thanksgiving to December 25th. Any time listening to holiday music beyond that and you’re an insane person. Fortunately, at the time of this posting we’re still inside that window.

Musician Seth Timbs (likely often known for his band Fluid Ounces) has latched on to that sane window of time by releasing his two-song EP Bellyful of Christmas right in the sweet spot – early December. If you haven’t been listening to it for the past few weeks, we’re sorry to just now bring it to your attention but better late than never.

The title track is a fun upbeat number filled with flourishes of instrumentation including Timbs trademark piano, some holiday bells, oooh’s and aaahhh’s and even a shredding guitar solo. Following along from there is a much more sombre number entitled “This Is Your Christmas Song” that functions as a properly subdued balance to the frolicking headliner. Timbs has always had a penchant for being able to indulge in the melancholy, which plays out quite well here.

It’s just two songs with a runtime of under 8 minutes. There’s only a week left that you can listen to this without getting judging looks, so indulge!