Michelle Sullivan – “Little Pink Room”

Despite being diagnosed with cancer in 2017, Michelle Sullivan is extremely busy. She’s released music as Sherbert, TV Sisters and Mini Meltdowns. Even with all that, she’s released two new songs as Michelle Sullivan and The All Night Boys, a digital single hinting towards a larger album entitled Expiration Date set for release in early 2019.

The two tracks – “Little Pink Room” and “Psychopharmacology” – are straight forward, catchy, rock songs delivered with an excellent, knowing, snarl from Sullivan. She cites The Replacements as a fundamental source of inspiration and motivation and it’s easy to see that influence shining through. Lyrically there seems to be plenty of references to Sullivan’s experience pushing through her cancer treatment but I could also be reading into it.

Surviving cancer is no small feat but surviving cancer and writing an entire album through the experience is even more impressive. Looking forward to the full album.