B|_ank / R Stevie Moore – FV013

The 7″ split between B|_ank and R. Stevie Moore functions as an exercise in meditative practices, albeit from rather adverse approaches. It also serves as a nice primer introduction to the two outfits general styles.

The B|_ank track, “split|side|mono”, is a slow assault on the senses. That’s not meant offensive as that’s the intent of the track. It starts off silently and creeps along until an outburst of droning feedback hits; as if the sound equipment has gone awry and is bursting forth in ever-building waves of degradation. By the 7-minute mark, it’s devolved into near squelching modem sounds. The brutality can be transfixing and overwhelming but provides an odd clarity in forcing you to focus on only that.

“Walker Waltz” from R. Stevie Moore on the flip side is quite the opposite, as there’s a lulling quality to the combination of bass line, swirling keyboards and persistent, almost tropical, beat. When a handful of subtle conversational samples come in around the 3 minute mark, it feels like you’re just some observer of time and space along for the ride. All that is to say, it provides a wonderfully floaty feeling.