John Davis – “That Ain’t Fair”

High Bias is the label name that John Davis (of Superdrag, Epic Ditch, The Lees of Memory) uses to release various recordings coming straight out of his Yamaha MT-4X four track. As he puts it, “No packaging, no mastering, straight out the back for your enjoyment.” While that’s not always true, it does set the tone for what to expect sonically.

Or does it? As with the latest release, a multi-layered country affair entitled “That Ain’t Fair,” there’s a complexity to these songs despite the simplicity of the recording technique. The age old adage that limitations breed creativity seems to prove true here.

But enough about the recording – what of the song itself? It does a wonderful job of showcasing Davis’ guitar prowess and his ability to leverage his voice in both vulnerable and lonesome ways. It’s stylistically Classic not only because of the slide guitar but in lyrical content. When he croons “I don’t care if I never go back there, cause there’s a lot to lose and lonesome blues everywhere” you believe it.

The releases from High Bias are never on a schedule and inconsistent in the genre they explore, which is exactly what makes them so enjoyable.