Scale Model – “Expectations”

You may have caught the premiere over on The Cream already but Scale Model recently released a new single entitled “Expectations” that is now streaming on all the things.

The band has always churned out enjoyable dance-y, keyboard driven, electro-pop songs but “Expectations” amps things up by a considerable factor. The production is noticeably shinier in all respects; deeper bass, chirpier keyboards and plenty more entrancement in the guitars. The Scene (and the band themselves) made comparisons to the work of U2’s The Edge and Athens, GA Maserati as touchpoints of reference and influence, respectively, and they’re certainly apt. Where U2 may leave a bitter taste in your brain, rest assured that this is more Ladytron than “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.”

Megan Johnson Rox’s vocals have also received a significant tweak; particularly in her delivery style. While we’ve seen glimpses of this kind of emphatic performance in the past, it really shines through here. She’s leading the listener along, rather than lost her lamentations.

This is likely just a taste of plenty more to come from Scale Model. If they can keep up this pace for an entire album (or EP, I’d accept an EP), we’re in for a sweaty good time.

Hear the track on your favorite streaming service right here