Anchor Thieves – “Psychopomp” (Q Sessions)

Anchor Thieves recently unveiled a new track entitled “Psychopomp” for a live Q Session Performance. WTF is a “Psychopomp” you may ask? The band is kind enough to oblige with a direct definition and some background on the track:

A psychopomp is a deity who’s responsibility is to escort newly deceased souls from Earth to the afterlife…. The lyrics play with indistinct phrases and double entendre to lighten the theme to match the more optimistic feel of the tune; and ultimately leave the meaning up to the listener. The juxtaposition of darker concepts and lighter tunes has been a running motif for us going back to our first LP Malefactors. It’s always a fun angle to try and romanticize maleficence and the supernatural. — Cayce Keller

Aside from being a bit of an education on a fun new word to use in casual conversation, it’s also the first new music we’ve got from the band since the release of their excellent EP, The Havoc Siren. Sonically, the track goes in yet a new direction for the band; continuing to push the boundaries of styles that the band is comfortable in. What started as an impressively enjoyable rock band has flourished into an outfit that doesn’t shy from a gentler take, albeit one about a deity escorting you to the other side.