The Robe – “Bullies” (Official Video)

For full transparency, this album is part of yk Records, of which I own and operate; so my bias is clear cut. With that out of the way…

There’s plenty to say about Rollum Haas as a Nashville musician. He’s a member of Coupler and lylas, plays with Tristen, Soccer Mommy and has even toured with Brendan Benson. Oh, and he was a member of The Features for over a decade. Not one to rest on his laurels, Haas has a solo endeavor called The Robe. On record, it’s just him in the studio writing and recording everything. Live, he and his wife Katie play a combination of samples, loops and guitars.

The lead track from the forthcoming album debuted over on The Cream awhile back but now we’ve got the official video for the same song. Directed by Cody Newman and featuring a pleasing combination of performance shots of Haas and slow motion face punching.

The track is nearly 5-minutes in length, which may seem like an odd choice for a debut single but it sets the stage for the contents within the forthcoming, June 21st, full-length record. More on that later but, in the meantime, enjoy this video.