Quichenight – A Very Quichey Christmas

Waaay back in 2015, we made note of the utterly enjoyable Quichenight EP War on Christmas in which Brett Rosenberg waxed eloquently about a “Gentrifyin’ Santa,” among other topics.

What we failed to mention is that there’s an even earlier Quichenight ode to Christmas in the form of 2011’s A Very Quichey Christmas. The recording quality is definitively more DIY than more current offerings but the ramshackle delivery of songs like “O’ Frosty” are actually refreshing this time of year. The highlight of the EP is “Rocknroll Christmas” as it rolls along pleasantly with a perfectly balanced dose of guitar noodling, fun backing vocals and general goodtime vibes.

Never let them tell you that Christmas songs can’t be fun. Quichenight may be the exception to the rule but that exception is.. exceptional!