Gummy Soul – Bananas

Released in late November, the latest from Gummy Soul, bananas., is self-described as “some groovy shit to rock out to.” It serves as an excellent respite amidst all the holiday and Christmas music, to say the very least.

Unsurprisingly, the album covers plenty of ground stylistically. There’s “groovy shit” like “Blast Off”, Pink Floyd style space-out tracks like “Out Ya Face” and total psych-freak out tracks like “Cult Leader.” Most fascinating, there are a handful of tracks (“Innerview”, “Tape Deck”) laden with mysterious samples of an out-of-context interview which really lends itself well to the title of Bananas. because the subject sounds like a total loon.

The album also comes with a small note of something else to expect in the future from Gummy Soul:

This is an instrumental album of beats I made while finishing my Psychedelic Rock opus, Bad Trip.

Assuming that’s no joke, bananas. may well serve as an excellent teaser for something even further afield coming soon.