Nordista Freeze – “First Time”

Back in the fall of 2019, the always-on-tour-yet-still-local artist Nordista Freeze released the single “Wysteria“, his first official musical offering since 2017’s Cosmic Haus LP. Without going into a full-on review of that track, it was an excellent introduction to something new from Freeze; stylistically and sonically. It’s a sweet, melancholy 50s style ballad, absolutely layered with harmonies.

Enter “First Time“, a brand new single that serves as an excellent companion to the prior single, albeit far more upbeat. These two are clearly cut from the same cloth but “First Time” swings far into the realm of optimism and abundant happiness, complete with the same heavy vocal layering.

The ebullient vibe of this track only adds to the enigma that enshrouds Nordista Freeze. It’s not that he isn’t an open book but it’s hard to imagine how someone can have a full tour schedule, pull off a Space Prom, gather a Freezefest and still record with this level of production. It’s a mystery that shouldn’t be solved, just enjoyed.

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  • I first met Nordista at a SXSW day party in Austin. His energy drew me to him and so we met up at his house in Nashville last June. I was thrilled to be at his July 4th pool party show at Nashville’s Cambria Hotel and met his very supportive family. We are thrilled that his band will have an official SXSW showcase this March. May his music rise up to bless the world.

    Wed February 5, 2020 at 11:39 pm