Grumpy – “Davy Jones”

In the end, I couldn’t be alone without a screen on / or something to lean on” rings the choral refrain from Grumpy’s latest single “Davy Jones.” The track doesn’t stop there with its somber reflections on how we spend our time but it’s not casting judgment either; it’s an introspective expression of frustration for our modern times. It’s a rather heavy sentiment for a song that is, by and large, extremely upbeat and fun to listen to.

Grumpy, a pseudonym for songwriter Mason Schmitt, is preparing their debut album Loser for release on March 27th, 2020 via Acrophase Records and this track serves as the second dose of what to expect. The prior single, “Space Cadet“, features similar poppy vibes paired with ponderings about our state of being, with more of a focus on the difficulties of a relationship. Paired together, they serve as a very telling insight into an album that seems like it will contain a great deal of honesty and yearning optimism, all wrapped up in a very fun presentation.

While we’ve still got a few months before we’re able to hear the whole package, it’s enjoyable to consider that Grumpy has constructed a world for us to investigate. Both singles carry heavy emotional topics expressed through cheery pop, there’s a through-line with the single artwork featuring characters sharing space in the same apartment and even the promo photos of Schmitt feature similar color tones. Maybe that speculation is a bit presumptuous and it’s all just good graphic design but, regardless, Grumpy has our attention. If all goes well, we’ll have more infectious reflections on the human condition here in no time.

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