Mama Would Be Proud – Meet is Murder

It’s been said before and it’ll be said again but it is a damn pity when a band releases an album moments before Christmas break. The latest from Mama Would Be Proud came out on December 21st of 2018 and I imagine many folks never caught it simply because, well, it was December 21st.

It’s a shame because the album, Meet is Murder, is legitimately interesting. At first glance it would appear to be an earnest, lo-fi, indie pop undertaking. The strained, high strung, vocal style is akin to Daniel Johnston in some ways; both evoking an innocence and a surprising confidence that carries the songs along. However, upon further listening, you’ll notice that there’s a penchant for beats, samples and keyboard swirls throughout that you’d rarely get from a straightforward bedroom endeavor.

For example, lead track “Throwing in the Towel” eventually subsides into a long form, ambient, piece; eschewing the vocals entirely for the last two minutes. “Best Carpenter” becomes a meditative refrain of the title as it stretches out past the seven minute mark. The title track, “Meet is Murder,” is both drunken and tropical before, again, devolving into something entirely different for the last quarter of the song; hinting at entirely different capabilities of MWBP.

To call a record challenging feels like a pejorative. Meet is Murder isn’t always immediately grabbing with big hooks but it’s a worthwhile investment to catch the numerous synths at play, the layered vocals and for the discovery of where a song may end up; often in an unexpected destination.