The Blam Blams – Roll On

If the makeup adorning the band members press photo didn’t clue you in, newcomers The Blam Blams are very into the glam scene. In fact, they’re a self-professed “next-generation Glam Rock band” according to their bio. Generally, citing David Bowie and Queen as major influences can set the expectations bar way too high or, even worse, allow listeners to pigeonhole what you’re capable of. Fortunately, the Roll On debut manages to fulfill the Glam Rock criteria and surpass being nothing but a musical stereotype.

With only three tracks to form an opinion on, the band wastes no time in launching into densely laden harmonies, rollicking pianos and searing guitar noodling. It is immediately familiar but not distinctively derivative. Even the ballad-y “Liquid Gold” manages to stylistically cite Queen without feeling like a ripoff.

By the time EP closer “A Pretty Face” kicked in, this listener was locked in. The epic guitar mixed with bellowing layered vocals is entirely undeniable. All and all, a phenomenal first release with a lot of promise for a future LP.