Your Gaze – “In a Jar” (Dinosaur Jr)

The Blog That Celebrates Itself has been providing underground and indie music coverage for a solid ten years. Along with that, they also put together special compilation projects that may pay homage to one of their favorite artists or fit a particular theme. You might have seen their Smashing Pumpkins or Fleetwood Mac tributes. Or maybe heard one of their planetary comps.

Most recently they released Little Fury Things, Dinosaur Jr. Revisited that features 17 bands taking on various renditions of the Dinosaur Jr classics. One band on that compilation is Nashville’s own Your Gaze and their cover of “In a Jar“, originally from the 1987 release You’re Living All Over Me. As one would hope, the band did a wonderful job of reinventing the original and infusing their shoegaze styles to it.

It’s subjective but I dare say the Your Gaze version is superior to the Dinosaur, Jr. version. That’s a blasphemous take if ever there was one but the song works extremely well as a wall-of-sound onslaught.