Karate Blocks – “Speaking Tongues”

It’s been a little over one year since we’ve heard from Karate Blocks and it seems they’ve been using their time wisely. The newest single, “Speaking Tongues“, is a high-energy, sweaty, rock explosion. The ebb and flow of the verse to chorus energy is brimming with a propulsive restraint, feeling like the tension of what’s coming next will burst forth in just a moments notice.

There’s a longer EP that this is taken from right on the horizon and this track serves as an excellent anticipatory introduction. Make sure to give this a few listens as there are production flourishes tucked away throughout the four minutes that can be easily missed on first pass. This isn’t just your average big riff rock song, there are hints of swirling keyboards and horns layered in there for multiple play enjoyment.

The band plays April 11th at The East Room to celebrate the tracks release.