Davy Crotch Rockett – JAWS 7

It’s on record that “Davy Crotch Rockett” is one of the more enjoyable band names around town. It’s a bit infantile and a lot absurd but certainly memorable and amusing. Much the same can be said of their new EP JAWS 7; four songs of big, sloppy rock. Don’t be fooled tho; labels like “infantile” and “sloppy” aren’t so much pejoratives as they are indicative of the good time that the band brings to the table.

Lead track “Cool Car” is a great example of the kind of tongue-in-cheek amusement they thrive in, containing a call-and-response lyrical play that includes “Hot Damn! Trans Am! Cool Car!” that begs for a live audience to sweatily repeat the lines back at the band. Tracks “You Can’t Afford Me” and “Hemingway” have a swaggering, proselytizing vibe; preaching to the listener in a crazed manner.

Overall, it’s loud and thunderous, both in production and in performance. It’s likely best experienced live as a completely immersive cacophony but if you can’t see it live, this is a worthwhile substitute.