Hurts to Laugh – “Lonely Sound”

While on tour with The Dead Deads, Hurts to Laugh found themselves joining the headliner during their set a few times and sparked an idea for a 7″ split of covers of one another. With the release of “The Lonely Sound” we can hear what one side of that record sounds like – with Hurts to Laugh covering the original track from The Dead Dead’s 2014 Rainbeau record.

The original is a surprisingly effective blend of danceable big riff rock, a pop-y chorus and some
downright sinister elements. The Hurts to Laugh take trades the dance-y portions of the song for their trademark crunchy guitars but manages to maintain the pop and sinister portions, albeit in their own style. They’ve always excelled at big, thunderous rock songs but with the addition of Matt Mahaffey producing the track, they seemed to have stepped it up a level or three.

Keep an eye on Fat Elvis Records Instagram page for news about the 7″ release and steer yourself over to Hurts to Laugh Bandcamp page to pre-order the bands new EP, Nineteen Eighty More, set for release on April 30th. You can also catch them live at The 5 Spot on April 11th along with The Dead Deads and The Katies; I imagine there will be a cover or two involved.