Hal Newman and The Mystics of Time – Live! at Studio 19

Nashville isn’t exactly synonmous with Mardi Gras but if you’re looking for a proper soundtrack for your Fat Tuesday indulgences, look no further than Hal Newman and the Mystics of Time. To put it simply, the R&B outfit is Music City’s version of Dr. John and they’ve been providing the perfect New Orleans style backdrop since 1985. Frontman Hal Newman has a mystifying vocal quality to his delivery as his band takes their respective turns showing off the brass and guitar skills.

There’s a decent amount of Mystics music to partake in but starting with 2022’s Live! at Studio 19 is the best place to start, simply for the sonic fidelity of it all. Oh, and there’s a track called “Mardi Gras in Music City” that couldn’t be more appropriate. From there, dive in on Spotify or your preferred streaming service and keep your eyes peeled for this 4-disc compilation. It’s everything you’ll need today.