Brian Brown – Live @ DRKMTTR

If you’ve been following the work of Brian Brown, you know he released the critically acclaimed Journey in 2020, a number of phenomenal singles and collaborations throughout 2021 and 2022 and a brand new EP in 2023 entitled Two Minute Drill. What you might not know is that he’s also a helluva live performer on top of all that.

You can now find out for yourself just how solid of a live performer he is by partaking in this Live @ DRKMTTR performance. DJ Memville provides an entertaining and compelling intro set before bringing out Brown and a full live backing band; including drums, keys, guitar and sax. Several guest emcees join him on stage as he runs through the tracks of 2020’s Journey and many of his bangers. The night belongs to Brown as he chats with the audience, turns on the charm with his smooth delivery and turns up the energy all the way when the track calls for it.

Always a treat to see a well respected studio performer take their skills to the live realm and succeed so easily.