Dialup Ghost – “Transphobes and Fascists Hate Our Guts (So What?)”

If you’re not aware, Dialup Ghost has a song called “Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn is a Drug Dealer” and it’s a legitimately scathing take on the derelict Senator and the opioid epidemic in America. It’s a great song (Jason Isbell approved!) and a great example of the kinds of political subject matter the band is not scared to write about.

Their latest release, a protest song entitled “Transphobes and Fascists Hate Our Guts (So What?)” continues in that vein and may be the band’s best work. The production is stripped down, the vocals are affected in a surreal warble and the lyrics are earnest, heartfelt and heartwarming. The refrain “Janey and Lilly are sisters to me / You fuck with them, you fuck with me.” may be specific to friends of the band but we should all be so lucky to have a Janey or Lilly in our lives to stand with.

It’s catchy, it’s honest and, most importantly, it’s vocal about defending those that are deserving of defending. TN politics are abhorrent (to say the least) and it’s refreshing to know you’re not alone in your disagreement with the supermajority of conservatives ruining the state. Dialup Ghost is donating money to the ACLU with the purchase of their track on Bandcamp – go get it.