Glamper – “Take Your Cat Back”

Here’s a tip about creating rock and roll music; make it fun. Sure, politics are a constant burning trash fire and the planet’s ecosystem may be going to pot but sometimes people need a break.* We’re happy to debut a brand new song from Glamper that will provide you with a little respite from these trying times.

First off, let’s do some homework. Are you familiar with the term Glamping? It’s a ridiculous shorthand for ‘Glamorous Camping’ and it’s safe to say if you’re into Glamping, you’re a Glamper. Ten points for a ridiculous band name.

Do you remember the show Cheers? The 275-episode series on NBC that featured a wonderful ensemble cast and an unforgettable logo? I’ll tell you who remembers it… Glamper. Ten more points for having cover art that pays homage to a series about having a place to go where all your troubles go away.

Then there’s the song itself; a seemingly introspective break-up tale of a relationship gone sour and the misplaced cat caught in between. Our brave narrator goes to euthanize the feline but instead opts in to adopting it and naming it “Pizza,” a properly gender neutral moniker. Their bond is concreted with couch time and beers. Ten points for the lyrical misdirect, ten points for absurdity and twenty more for keeping the track in a catchy groove for the duration.

It’s also worth noting that “Pizza the Cat” is part of an extended universe that the band has made reference to in their 2018 Christmas release “Drunk and Scrooge.” Ten more points for world building.

Fortunately, despite what you may have been told, there is no point system for providing a reprieve from the weight of the world. Glamper are successfully making some enjoyable rock and roll with a healthy dose of silliness that comes as an opportunity to enjoy yourself for a few fleeting moments. Soak it in.

* that’s not to say those things aren’t important, they most certainly are.