Lambchop – Basement Tapes

Lots of interesting news for “Nashville’s most fucked-up country band” Lambchop this week. In case you missed it, they announced they’ll be playing a full band show on December 8th at all ages venue DRKMTTR. Tickets are available now.

A few days prior to that announcement, the band released Basement Tapes, a new EP consisting of two remixes and “So Modern and So Tight”, a brand new track that didn’t quite make the cut to their latest album, This (is what I wanted to tell you), but certainly fits right in.

The Group Listening Remix, the first of the two, is sparse and sprawling but takes a wonderfully ominous turn at the midway point; cranking up some serious church organ vibes. The Raven Remix infuses heart-wrenching strings with dance-y beats, a similar combination of instrumentation that Lambchop has been exploring over the last few albusm but with a uniquely different vibe.

The EP is available on Bandcamp or your preferred streaming platform.