All Them Witches – “1×1”

Ahead of their forthcoming European tour with Ghost, All Them Witches have released a standalone single entitled “1X1” – available now on Bandcamp and YouTube. No word on if it’ll make its way to streaming services.

Consequence of Sound premiered the track and had a few insightful details to share. The track was captured at The Church in Woodbury, TN and was recorded by the leanest version of the band yet; the trio of Charles Michael Parks Jr. on bass, Ben McLeod on guitar, and Robby Staebler on drums. When asked if this track hints toward a new full-length on the horizon, Michael Parks Jr. had this to say:

“We’re always looking to put out a new album,” he admits. “That’s always been the ATW battle cry. The next album will come out whenever it comes out, but I guess if we’re writing songs, we must be gearing up for a new album.”

While that’s not exactly a concrete release date, it’s a pretty safe bet that All Them Witches is most certainly working their way towards a larger release sometime in the future. In the meantime, “1X1” is a big, heavy, riffer; best enjoyed at the loudest of volumes.