German Error Message – “Fine”

German Error Message, aka Paul Kintzing, already released the sublime full-length Mend in March of 2019 but is already following that up with the single “Fine.”

Musically, “Fine” continues to subtle-y tweak the gently strumming, gently cradling, gently immersive sounds of previous releases; incorporating swirling keyboards, layers and layers of vocals and rumbling percussion. Lyrically, Kintzing manages to skate a fine line between oppressively melancholy and potentially optimistic. It’s an odd combination but the words feel open to interpretation of the the narrator’s intent; are they lamenting an emptiness or comforted by it? I suppose that’s up to the listener.

At one point in time, the release of a single signaled a full-length on the horizon, a promotional tool to help you pay attention. These days, a single doesn’t signal anything except a new piece of work to enjoy… singularly. Any new German Error Message is welcome in our book, whatever form it takes.

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