Faux Ferocious – “Price of Progress” (Official Video)

Let’s take a moment to review the good news spilling out of the world of Faux Ferocious. To begin, if you haven’t heard their 2019 release Pretty Groovy, please do so now. If you happen to live in Europe and enjoy a bit of Kraut rock infused with Southern styles, see them in September. If you’re not able to attend said shows, watch their wonderfully simple video for “Price of Progress,” featuring a collection of construction footage literally depicting the price of “progress.”

Lastly, enjoy the news that they signed to 30th Century Records, the imprint owned and operated by Danger Mouse. One of Nashville’s finest is now label mates with the likes of Grandaddy and Autolux. How’s that last bit directly impact you beyond being happy for others finding success? Optimistically, it means a follow-up record to Pretty Groovy looms on the near horizon.