Styrofoam Winos – “Pecan Shoulders”

Styrofoam Winos are an improvisational three-piece comprised of Trevor Nikrant, Lou Turner and Joe Kenkel. Their full-length Winos at Home! is a collection of ambient creations, some jazzy numbers and, occasionally, a bit of country flair.

“Pecan Shoulders”, the track and video embedded above, does a good job of embodying the Styrofoam Wino Aesthetic™ as far as I can decode it. It’s a little bit homemade, a little bit trippy and a good bit languid. These songs lumber along; taking a casual stroll through your brain with the leisurely pace of observing every little thing along the way. Some time spent with a siamese cat, a houseplant or a peek through a crack in the door is a reminder to enjoy those little things.

That’s an esoteric and emotional response to the music but that seems to be the point. These aren’t songs you go to for the big pop hooks or guitar solos (see Joe Kenkel solo for that) but these songs serve as a means of decompressing, reflecting on the day or simply letting yourself be immersed in their journey.