Friendship Commanders – “The Enemy I Know” (Official Video)

We’ve already posted about this lead single from the forthcoming Friendship Commanders EP Hold On To Yourself (releasing Friday, April 3rd) but given that they’ve released a powerful new video to accompany the track, it bears revisiting.

The heavy grunge-y track is paired with dark, minimal, scenes that transform from high velocity energy bursts to mesmerizing slow motion. Director, and drummer, Jerry Roe directed the piece and had this to say:

The video was inspired by a large number of 90’s music videos, all of which were largely shot in a single location with the subjects of the shot changing, rather than changing locale with each different subject or shot. Ashley Wolfe plays the abused and oppressed, pleading to a loved one/past abuser (played by Jay Tooke) to listen to her and to understand that she’s not the enemy for bringing up the truth or trying to hold him and others responsible. He can’t hear her, though, because he won’t turn his attention away from the old television displaying static and no real clear information or imagery. Such is the reality that he’s chosen to believe – that he is the victim of her reaction, rather than she is the victim of his actions and choices.

While editing it together, I tried to meld the realities and imagery of us and the actors together, specifically Buick and Ashley. Mirrored and blended shots mix them together in the same frame or scenario often, serving as a sort of internal/external abstract.

As noted, it certainly feels reminiscent of several 90’s videos but that familiar vibe doesn’t take away from the underlying message that runs throughout. The forthcoming EP is dedicated to “anyone who is living with, or has lived with, abuse” and the video does a great job of depicting that incredibly difficult scenario with care and proper acknowledgement of the abused.

The EP releases Friday, April 3rd and can be pre-ordered over on their Bandcamp. On a lighter note, the video also makes for some great GIFs.