Fable Cry – “Come Meet the Reapers”

One time I walked into The Basement just as a set from Fable Cry was kicking off. Frontman Zach Ferrin struck me with his distinctive look – a dapper suit with a finely curled moustache and perfectly coiffed hair. If you mistook him for a cartoon villain, you wouldn’t be the first. Anytime a band has a “look,” there is a presumption that the music is second class to the aesthetics but I am happy to report that the entire set was a captivating experience with no shortage of well crafted songs.

That said, we are excited to premiere “Come Meet The Reapers”, the first single from the forthcoming third full-length LP and an introduction to the characters and concepts within. The official press release states that the album will be:

… a conceptualized rock opera of gangsters, vampires, betrayal and petty revenge set in the seedy underworld of the American prohibition era. The single offers up the first taste of what is to come with an introduction to the album’s protagonist: Archie Walker, a ragtag bootlegger hatching his nefarious scheme. The tone and musicality of the piece follow the train of Archie’s emotions from prideful ambition to spite-fueled bitterness and finally a peaceful resolve in carrying out his vengeance.

The song is a mesmerizing blend of metal blast beats, soaring trumpet, crunchy guitars, fleeting strings, funky bass pops, a swirling bridge and layers and layers of vocal. It’s a cauldron of ingredients that any less skilled band would make a complete mess of but Fable Cry has precisely balanced with just the right dosage.

It’s fair to say that “Come Meet the Reapers” has more than just dramatic flair, it’s steeped in it… but that’s precisely the point! A concept album intended to express a fanciful tale should be dramatic. This track is a helluva first taste of a larger story and I, for one, am completely intrigued to hear future chapters.

This track is streaming everywhere starting April 3rd and the album is slated for August of 2020.


  • Another classic beautiful song from Fable Cry! Love it

    Thu April 2, 2020 at 11:24 am
  • As a “former” emo kid I absolutely love music that tells a story either in a song or an album. Fable Cry was a happenstance discovery at The Cobra after the Oddities market last year. My super introverted boyfriend was ready to go even before my uncle did his sideshow act so we were about to head out when he said we should stay. I fell in love right then and there. Not only is it one of my favorite nights he and I have had but, I discovered music that hit me in a way I haven’t felt since high school. I know it’s a very long way of saying that I love it… Thank you for being so fucking amazing Fable Cry!

    Thu April 2, 2020 at 5:14 pm