David Argyle Thacker – The Mouth Trumpet Christmas Album

Every holiday season, it is traditional around We Own This Town to revisit the magical offerings of David Argyle Thacker’s greatest offering to the Planet Earth; The Mouth Trumpet Christmas Album. We’ve been singing its praises since 2012 and will continue to do so far into the future!

Why give such ongoing praise to a six song holiday album with such a ridiculous premise? Quite simply, it permeates with good feelings. There’s really no sense in going full-on analytical with the release but the usage of the “Mouth Trumpet” is instantly familiar and comforting in its absurdity. The release doesn’t present itself as a joke but it clearly isn’t trying too hard to be consider a masterful work of art. It’s just… fun.

With the standard stress of the holidays (and the extra stress of a global pandemic at hand), it’s nice to have a comforting refuge of holiday music that provides a reprieve from it all. If family or shopping or travel or melancholy is getting you down, just throw on “Jingle Bells” and levity will be instantly granted. There’s no better gift.

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