Cordovas – “This Town’s a Drag”

You ever hear the name of a band and just flat out assume you’re not interested? I’m not proud of it but I absolutely did that with Cordovas. They were often listed alongside many other Americana bands that I had listened to and I discounted them by association. Shame on me.

The band recently announced a new album to be released on August 10th entitled That Santa Fe Channel along with the first track, “This Town’s a Drag.” It’s a laid back number with just the right hint of western country flair and Southern Rock influences blended together. There’s also something authentically lonesome about the vocals that hits just right. I regret my initial judgment of the band but am happy to have come around just in time for a whole new batch of songs to be released.

Be on the lookout for That Santa Fe Channel via ATO Records this August.