Charlie & The Evil Mothers – “Every Day is Sunday”

The debut, self-titled, album from Charlie & The Evil Mothers was released back in April (we loved it) and I’ve been anxious to learn if that meant we’d experience a dearth of new music from the outfit as they worked the album cycle. Fortunately, that’s not the case. The new track, “Every Day is Sunday“, just hit the Internets and it’s a welcome dose of new Evil Mothers.

The track maintains the enjoyable oddness of the full-length but feels more layered and focused in its execution. The swinging nature of the song – back and forth between gentle ooh’s and yelping choruses – is accompanied by Charlie’s soon-to-be trademark guitar song and plenty of flourishes you hear on the third or fourth listen.

It’s just one track but it’s an exciting follow-up to an already enjoyable body of work.