Zook – “What’s It To You”

In January, Zook posted a track from their forthcoming album Garden Variety. Here we are almost finished with June and there’s still no sign of the album but the band is playing at Fond Object (4th Ave) on July 14th as part of the Cold Lunch Recording “Discovery Night” series and I can only assume they’ll play more from the upcoming release during that set.

There’s a looseness and lightness to “What’s It to You” (and the previously released Carrots EP) that makes it immediately enjoyable. The production makes it feel like a casual performance from an artist just wildly enjoying playing the music. The combination of choral oompa’s and screeching guitar is a surprising delight contrasted with the lounging energy of the rest of the song.

It’s just one song but it’s a helluva preview for something great to come.