Black Cat Sylvester – “Horse with Lo Mein” (Official Video)

It’s been a minute since we heard from Black Cat Sylvester, hip-hop musician and creator of the SynthTable. Fortunately, that drought is over with the release of the official video for “Horse with Lo Mein” and the promise of a new EP slated for release on February 19th.

Interestingly, Mr. Sylvester seems to have wiped the Internet of his history. His YouTube and Instagram have only five videos; resulting in broken embeds from anyone that wrote about his undertakings previously. Is this an intentional nod towards the new direction in sound or simply par for the course in 2019 Social Media? You’d have to ask him yourself.

Speaking of that new sound, all we’ve got to go off of at the moment is this single track. The video is entrancing – filled with drone shots, VHS interruptions and a mysterious female vocalist. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say there’s a visual nod to UNKLE or Aphex Twin here; embracing a bit of the goofy while still managing to be sinister. Sonically, it’s a touch of funk, a touch of R&B groove and a touch of all out rock. If this is the new Black Cat Sylvester, I’m all in.