Nosediver – Floating Item

The newest EP from Nosediver, Floating Item, serves as a refreshing reminder that the Nashville music scene still has plenty of pleasant surprises left to unearth. While we’re all in agreement that the city has more to offer than country music, it’s less accepted that there is quality 90’s math rock stemming from our ether.

To be clear, pigeonholing Nosediver into “90’s math rock” is underselling the goods being offered. Yes, there certainly seems to be influences from the ilk of Jawbox, Faraquet or Nashville’s own Serotonin but with the lulling ambient composition of “4” and the chunky anthems built into “Polished” the band is investigated territories well beyond a pre-determined genre.

The runtime here is incredibly short – just under 10 minutes in total – but that’s the strength of a well done EP; there’s simply no time to falter. The band makes great use of every second at their disposal and begs for repetition.