Only – “Cheap Weed”

Back in 2017, ONLY released their Language EP and have been playing consistently around town ever since; refining their sound and recording new material. Finally, we get to hear a bit of the results of that effort. The new “Cheap Weed single is just a small peek inside and it certainly seems like the wait has been worth it.

Calling this a “single” means that one song has to be deemed the A-Side and the other the B-Side; a distinction that simply doesn’t apply here. Both of these tracks are equally enjoyable, so I suggest thinking of this as a double A-Side or simply an EP. The couplet is filled with of plenty of sneering attitude in the vocals and a rapid buoyancy to the music. That may sound a little esoteric but it’s easy to fill lifted by the energy being put forth here. Seeing this live would likely result in a horde of jumping, sweaty, masses.

One can hope that a new EP from the band is just a tip of the hat towards a longer full-length but even if this is all we get from Only for the entirety of the year, it’s a helluva good time.