WXNA Plans Packing Plant Move

Nashville’s low powered, community run, radio station WXNA announced today that they’ll be moving to the Wedgewood Houston area in 2019 to expanded facilities in the Packing Plant. The former sausage plant, located at 507 Hagan St (across from Dozen Bakery), is already home to multiple art galleries, studio spaces and participates in the monthly First Saturday Art Walk.

According to the WXNA press release, the move will take place in the first part of the new year and includes the addition of a second production studio. Funds from the upcoming on-air Pledge Drive (Nov 13-19) will be leveraged to assist in the physical transition, upgrade studio equipment and expand facilities to better accommodate in-studio performances.

The news comes as no surprise, particularly given the transition that Grimey’s and Grimey’s Too have undergone after being housed in the exact same building as WXNA. That being said, it’s a relief to hear that the station has found a partner in The Packing Plant that upholds the same community-driven beliefs. We’re optimistic that the pledge drive will go well and that everyone – listeners included – will benefit from the change.