Tomatofest + Cold Lunch Recordings

If you’re paying the slightest bit of attention, you’ve likely noticed that local label Cold Lunch Recordings has been crushing it lately. Not only have they released quality local music from the likes of Sad Baxter, Microwave Mountain and Fever Blush / Twen but they’ve also hosted a ton of local events showcasing our vibrant music scene.

So, it’s no surprise that with this weekend’s upcoming Tomato Art Fest, they’ve been given their own stage over at Woodland and 12th. Let’s run down through the eight acts they’ll be featuring…

10am – Blond Bones
There’s a generally laid back vibe to the offerings of the Sierra EP but it’s flourished with plenty of interesting and striking guitars, rolling tempos and uplifting choral offerings. All and all, a great way to start your day at the festival.

11am – Bleary
We’ve sung the praises of Bleary’s Winter Demos on the podcast before and look forward to a full set of their dreamy pop infused with hints of shoegaze, post-rock and psych. It can be a slow burn at times but it often burns brightest after the build-up.

Noon – Peachy
Not to be confused with that other Peachy, this trio consists of Leah Miller, Rachel Warrick and Benji Coale. They don’t have any official recordings available on anywhere on the Internet so you’ll just have to cruise their Instagram for examples of their high-energy, fuzzed out creations.

1pm – Soft Bodies
Another band we’ve sung the praises of here on the site and podcast. The electronic tracks paired with Taylor Jensen’s cool yet emotive voice are entrancing. The Cream suggests we call her genre of music “Summer House” and it certainly seems applicable. If you’re a fan of Cortney Tidwell, work inspired by Bjork and subtle R&B influences, this could be right up your alley.

2pm – Soft Bodies
I’ve said it several times before and I’ll say it again. Only’s track “July” is such a perfect pairing of upbeat, shimmering, pop and macabre choral anthem. I’ve never felt so good shouting along with the rallying cry of “We All Die!” than I do listening to them.

3pm – HARI
The recordings of HARI are deceptively delicate. The soft vocals and gentle guitars lay the groundwork for pleasant feeling but each song seems to subtly build into something bigger than its parts. “All My Darkest Dreams” is a good example of this as it has an overall relaxed atmosphere that draws you in and immerses you in the constant movement of the song.

4pm – The Minks
The Blue EP released back in December of 2017 is three tracks of upbeat and blues-y offerings. It’s an energetic live show filled with the occasional piano flourish, harmonica backing and lots of guitar riffs. All and all, should be a good way to carry you through the heat of the afternoon.

5pm – Black Moon Mother
The name and cover art for Sea of Dust nod back to a 70’s vibe, akin to the era of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. While the sounds within evoke a floaty, laid back atmosphere in which to immerse yourself, the actual style is more leaning into the world of psych. There’s plenty of reverb and opportunity to close your eyes and let it wash over you. Tracks like “Gazing” get much more rambunctious, so the band is capable of turning it up when they see fit to take you on that journey.