Meth Dad + Basic Printer Dual Album Release

I rarely call out specific events here as anything that shows up in the Events Calendar is vetted and suggested for attendance. However, this Meth Dad + Basic Printer event on August 31st is worth taking a bit of special note of.

Both bands will be releasing their latest albums – Meth Dad with Swate Dreams and Basic Printer with Good Weird – and will be taking over the Mercy Lounge and High Watt stages with a bit of an extravaganza of performances. The schedule is available on the Facebook event, as seen here:

8:00pm : Chlorophyl vs Soft Bodies @ Mercy Lounge
8:35pm : HR_Lexy @ High Watt
9:10pm : Brainweight vs Young Breh @ Mercy Lounge
9:45pm : Scale Model @ High Watt
10:20pm : Only vs Peachy @ Mercy Lounge
11:00pm : Basic Printer @ High Watt
12:00am : METH DAD @ Mercy Lounge
12:30am : DJ SKREWFACE

What are these VS battles? Performers swapping songs? Covering one another? Or is it simply describing the performances on the two stages. There’s really only one way to find out and that’s to attend the damn thing and see it ourselves.