The Festival of Ghouls Rises Again

Starting today, Thursday, October 29th, the Festival of Ghouls will be broadcasting live a series of unique performances over on their official site and Twitch stream. What’s the Festival of Ghouls, you say? Well, it’s “an annual Halloween-themed convergence of emerging artistic talent and creativity exhibiting musicians, dancers, puppeteers, aerialists, sideshow performers, physical and digital artists and short film screenings.”

To put it another way, it’s a 3-day music festival featuring a whole lot of unique music performances and plenty of entertainment outside of the music sphere. How unique, you ask? How about a synth performer wearing an iMac? Or Pirate themed metal band? Or a plethora of Drag? Or these mysterious wonders are? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Fable Cry has been putting together this gathering for years in person but with the safety precautions of social distancing firmly in place for 2020, it’s opened up to a digital sphere. While it’s generally agreed that streaming events don’t have the same energy, this ghoulish lineup seems to be an exception to the norm.

Get the full schedule below and go follow @festivalofghouls on Instagram for updates.

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