Other People’s Podcasts for Your Enjoyment

Welcome to the third installment of our series Other People’s Podcasts, an undertaking in which we highlight other podcasts created by Nashville creatives. While we strongly believe that We Own This Town offers a nice variety of shows but we are, by no means, the only source of entertainment and education you should have in your life! So, we’re doing our best to shine a light on other shows that are worth time in your earbuds. If you’ve got a podcast you think we should hear, contact us and we’ll check it out!

Music City Murder
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If there’s one genre of podcast that seems to rule the roost, it’s True Crime. Music City Murders is hosted by author T. Blake Braddy and digs into Nashville-based murders with a perspective from local context and history. Taking a quick glance at the episode list, the show gets into everything from unsolved murders to questionable hauntings. Season 3 is underway now.

Daily Dispatches from Daily Fieldwork
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A podcast that’s part of a larger story telling project called Daily Fieldwork. The overall project tackles documenting the wonderful world of Southern culture (imagine truck stops, State Fair events, random shop ephemera), publishing zines about Trucks and dealing with Daylight Savings and pulling in a larger community of folks interested in the same. The podcast is a weekly transmission of compiled observations and events from the week. It’s part personal journey, part collaboration and entirely fascinating. There’s something quite calming and immersive about it.

28th & Jefferson

Part of the MASS Ctv network, the 28th and Jefferson Podcast is more of a YouTube channel than podcast (many of their archives are on Spotify and Apple Podcasts but the latest episodes are only on YouTube). Hosts Patrick Morgan and Shechinah Quarles sit down to talk about Black culture in Nashville from the perspective of “entrepreneurs, activists, and artists who have made strides in pushing the culture forward.” These conversations are frank and pull no punches, giving a uniquely honest perspective on Nashville.

It Happens to Us
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It Happens To Us is a podcast in which host Devin Noel Snyder has discusses with various guests in an effort to “normalize [discussions about] death and dying in our modern society.” As the daughter of a funeral director, Noel Snyder is in a unique position to tackle these subjects. Much like our own My Fantasy Funeral, it may feel awkward to listen in on conversations about such a thing but it’s the one inevitability in life, so might as well get comfortable.

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