Meet Hott Minute

Our aim at We Own This Town is to give voice to the talent of our city that may otherwise go overlooked. While they aren’t renowned performers in the music world or up-and-coming comedians in the burgeoning Nashville stand-up scene, Hott Minute hosts Ashley Spurgeon and Jamie Bradley have been contributing their unique talents to enrich our city in plenty of other ways. With the release of their third episode, it’s high time we got to know our illustrious moderators of hotties a bit more.

Ashley Spurgeon is likely best known for her Nashville recaps over at The Nashville Scene but she’s been contributing plenty of additional pop culture commentary for ages. Fun fact: She was one of the founding members of Rock ‘N’ Roll Trivia at the Mercy Lounge that spawned a thousand spinoffs. She’s also a living Bible of Simpsons quotes and all things Anglophile. Her Twitter feed is objectively hilarious and her audacious insights on TV Shows vs Movies will never fail to entertain.

Jamie Bradley is a Texas native that found her place in Nashville contributing to a number of unique creations during her tenure. In Terminator: The Second, the stage play mashup of Shakespeare and Terminator II, she led the cast as John Connor. In the spy-vs-spy absurdity series The Agents of Fortune, she played the straight foil to Dean Shortland and Mac Cushing’s antics. You might have also spotted her in this How I Became the Bomb music video. Her encyclopedic pop culture knowledge reaches from Garry Shandling to the Kardashians.

All that being said, they’re also armed with lightning fast wit and a wellspring of knowledge outside of pop culture. Their powers combined make the Hott Minute podcast an alarmingly amusing off-the-cuff conversation. We’re overjoyed to have them aboard and proud to contribute in some small part to aiding the humorous side of Nashville to be heard by as many folks as possible. By all means, dive into their show.


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