Announcing Vidalotry

Happy to announce a brand new limited series on the We Own This Town podcast network – Vidalotry. This ten episode transmission tackles the wit and wisdom of famed intellectual Gore Vidal in his own words, through clips of interviews, public speaking and TV show appearances. The first teaser is available now and will give you a great overview of the kind of entertainment Vidal can provide.

The show is created by Ryan Breegle, a writer and musician from the Nashville area that you might know from the likes of Tipper Whore or nightblonde. His perspective on Vidal’s openness on the topics of homosexuality, creativity and politics will prove to be pertinent in our tumultuous times.

The show is available on all major streaming podcast networks. So, by all means, fire up your favorite podcast software and subscribe. Then go follow @vidalotrypodcast over on Instagram. Official episodes start Feb 19th.