Introducing San Dimas Today

Happy to announce the official inclusion of a brand new, limited edition, podcast series entitled San Dimas Today. The show, hosted by Nashville natives Jason T. Meares Esq* and Kelly Hoyle Bolick, is a deep dive into the world of Bill & Ted. Yes, the Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey Bill and Ted.

Our hosts will dive into the production of both movies, the soundtracks, the cultural impact of it all and even include interviews with folks involved in its creation. Even if you don’t count yourself among the masses of fans, I still recommend tuning in as the podcast will be both an entertaining and enlightening time. Here’s a five minute clip from the first episode:

As the show is accepted by the various platforms I’ll be adding the handy links over here but, as with most things, you can keep up with the latest on the social networks.

Official site:
Instagram: @sandimastoday
Twitter: @sandimastoday
Facebook: /sandimastoday

*an actual lawyer