Get to know Nashville Show To-Go

The other day I saw a tweet that pontificated if Instagram had events, would Facebook go away? Personally, I think the answer is a resounding Yes. While we don’t live in that Utopian future yet, we do have a reliable alternative in the form of Nashville Show To-Go.

The conceit of the service is simple, “get people to shows and support the Nashville DIY music scene and all the talented musicians in it.” Across their Facebook, Instagram and Website they post a list of worthwhile shows for the week every Sunday. It’s not an exhaustive list of every show happening across the entire city but, rather, a curated selection of worthwhile performances that are largely focused on the indie, DIY, rock and alt scenes (not alt-rock, but Alternative in the truest sense).

As Nashville continues to boom, there’s a drowning effect of show listings happening across the city that makes it difficult to know where to spend your time should you feel like getting out for the night. Nashville Show To-Go is making that decision making process a helluva lot easier and we thank them for it.

Bonus note: this pairs nicely with GTTFS.