Far Out Free Fest 2021 Starts June 18

If you didn’t catch the article in the Nashville Scene all about the 2021 Far Out Free Fest, allow me to refresh you on the impending offering.

Prior to 2020, Far Out Fest was an in-person festival of bands across a spectrum of styles; with a heavier focus on psych and art rock (to oversimplify it). In the Year of the Pandemic, the festival pivoted to an online affair and it went swimmingly. The curation was impeccable, the performances immersive and the communication around timelines was all top notch. The festival won “Best Streaming Festival” for a reason. We Own This Town is proud to sponsor the 2021 undertaking and have no doubts it will be as enjoyable as the prior undertaking.

Starting on June 18th, Far Out Free Fest will begin streaming this years offerings and the lineup looks as incredible as ever. Performances include Kings of the Fucking Sea, Mouth Reader, The Sufis, Nashville Ambient Ensemble, ElonMusk and a load more. Light show and immersive entertainment from MKAV, Lambrys, Far Out Free Fest founder Kari Leigh Ames and plenty more. If you aren’t following @faroutfreefest on the Instagram yet, go familiarize yourself now.

The two day festival will stream for free over on the faroutfreefest.com site and the historic evidence is very strong that you need to tune in.

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