COVID Quarantine and Supporting the Community: A How To

We recently posted about a GoFundMe campaign to help keep DRKMTTR running. While it looks like they’ve successfully reached their goal, they are far from the only establishment hurting right now for funds to keep their lights on, pay their staff and ensure any sort of future once we’ve made it through the COVID-19 storm.

Following suit with The Cream, we’re going to try and keep a running list of spots with active campaigns that need your help. While it can be overwhelming to try and help everyone, remember you can do only what you can do. It helps to think about your monthly budget for going out – how much do you generally spend at the bar? Make a rough tally on that cost and, if you can, consider donating to these establishments.

If you’re not the GoFundMe type (or just don’t see your favorite spot represented above), steer yourself over to the Friendly Artic Store; the Eastside screen printers have taken it upon themselves to print limited run apparel for a number of bars and retail with proceeds going directly to them. As of this posting, you can snag pieces for Belcourt, The Groove, Fanny’s House of Music, Sky Blue Cafe, East Nashville Beer Works, Family Barber, Hotbox Fitness, Parlour and Juke, Cumberland Transit, Mickey’s Tavern, Smith & Lentz, Harding House Brewing and Three Brothers Coffee.