Contribute to the WXNA Fall Pledge Drive

WXNA, the community powered radio station found at 101.5 on your FM dial, garners 80% of its yearly operating budget from listener donations and ongoing pledges. From Nov 18th – 24th they’re really pouring on the gas to gather that much needed income.

If the wildly diverse show schedule (and deep archive of broadcasts) wasn’t enough to convince you to contribute, they’ve added some rewards to get you over the line. This time around, $5 gets you a sticker, $60 gets you a fancy knit cap and $120 gets you a WXNA blanket.

WXNA also pops up at a number of local events around town and helps spread the word about other local businesses through On-Air underwriting. It’s a fantastic resource for Nashville to have and there really isn’t a good reason not to donate. So, go do that now.